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    How to Prepare Before and What to Avoid After Botox®

    Many people want to use Botox® because it can clear away wrinkles and fine lines quickly. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that the number of Botox procedures keeps increasing each year. Its main ingredient, botulinum type A, may sound scary, but it is a safe strain that’s completely free of bacteria. This makes Botox a popular and safe technique in improving your skin’s texture and appearance. If you want to understand how to prepare before Botox and what to avoid after it, here’s what you should know.

    Preparing for Botox

    Here are some of the vital pointers to remember before your Botox procedure:


    Although Botox is quick and simple, it can still make many patients anxious because of the needles involved. You must schedule your procedure at a convenient date and time. Make sure that you won’t be stressed and rushed. A day when you don’t have any chores, errands, or work is best.

    Determine if it is right for you.

    Before you enter the clinic, you should know if you can have Botox. You cannot get Botox injections if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, allergic to Botox, or diagnosed with nerve problems. Talk to your specialist about your current health status to prevent unwanted adverse effects from your Botox treatment.

    Be truthful about medications. 

    Medications like sleeping pills, blood thinners, Ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, and muscle relaxants do not mix well with Botox.

    Clean your skin thoroughly. 

    Make sure that your skin is completely free of makeup, dirt, or any creams before your Botox treatment. Use warm water and soap. Rinse your skin well and then pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth.

    Quit smoking. 

    Healing is important in any procedure. Smoking hinders proper oxygenation and circulation of blood. If you quit smoking weeks before your Botox treatment, your injection sites will heal quickly.

    Activities to Avoid After Botox

    Below are some of the things you should refrain from doing after you receive your Botox injections:

    Intense workouts. 

    Straining facial expressions can prevent Botox from establishing itself into your nerves and muscle fibers properly. Rest for at least a day.

    Lying face down. 

    Stop yourself from napping after your Botox treatment. Do this about four hours after your procedure.

    Face rubbing. 

    Avoid rubbing your injection sites to keep them from getting irritated. Leave them alone so that they can heal quickly.

    Wine drinking. 

    Experts say that wine can thin out your blood. This increases your risk of bruising and bleeding. You should wait for at least 24 hours to pass before you celebrate your new look.

    Spending time in the sun. 

    Sunlight can cause skin swelling and redness. If you need to go out, apply sunblock and wear a wide-brimmed hat.

    You should remember the recommended tips so that you can maximize the effects of your Botox treatment. At Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery, we offer safe and quality aesthetic procedures that can change your life. Please call our Plastic Surgery office in McKinney, Texas, with any questions or to schedule a consultation. You can call us at (469) 675-3659 today!