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    Looking for the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dallas?

    Any sort of surgery can be considered a serious procedure, including those which are performed for cosmetic reasons. Patients want and need to be reassured that they are placing their body and health into skilled, experienced and above all else, safe hands. When you choose to undergo surgery to improve your appearance, it’s essential that your procedure enables you to achieve the results that you are looking for or to restore your confidence and self-esteem.


    There are plenty of cosmetic surgeons to choose from. Unfortunately, the law currently allows any licensed physician to refer to themselves as a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, meaning that it takes some work to ensure that you choose a credible plastic surgeon that has the expertise to complete work safely, competently and to the highest standard. Here’s our advice when it comes to looking for the best plastic surgeon in Dallas.

    Check out their education and training


    When you are shortlisting potential plastic surgeons, one of the most important things to look at is the education and training that they have. The best plastic surgeons will have specialized education ideally including a Board Certification in Plastic Surgery

    This education and training will have laid the foundation for the subsequent procedures that they have performed and the experience that they have gained. They will also be able to cope in the rare event that a medical emergency occurs during your procedure.

    Find out about their experience


    There is only so much that can be learned through education and training. Much of what makes a top rated plastic surgeon so good at their job is experience that they have obtained through working on real patients in a range of situations. Although the basic premise of each cosmetic procedure is the same, every patient is unique and can present different challenges when it comes to addressing the issues that are concerning them and improving their appearance in the way that they would like. The experience they have gained will enable them to make special recommendations based on your individual requirements, as well as carry out the work to the highest possible standards. They may be able to perform less than straightforward surgeries that may be beyond the skill of less experienced surgeons. And you can rest assured that the advice that they give you is based on having performed many procedures, and the knowledge that they have gained as a result. Ask your plastic surgeon in Dallas about their experience, including how many of your specific procedure they have carried out.

    Look at reviews and ask to see portfolios


    Everything is reviewed online these days, including plastic surgeons. You should take the time to research the reviews and testimonials of your shortlisted plastic surgeons to see what their patients really have to say about them. In addition to this, when you visit your top rated plastic surgeons for a consultation you should ask to see images of your desired procedure from their portfolio. Any great plastic surgeon will be happy to share before and after examples of their work.

    Choosing the best plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX


    If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX, then look no further than Dr. Clark. A native of Texas, Dr. Clark has undergone extensive training, including specializing by completing a fellowship in plastic surgery at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. He is also double board-certified by the American Board of Surgeons and American Board of Plastic Surgeons, showing that he has consistently met the exceptionally high standard of both ethics and practice required by them.


    If you want to find the best plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX, don’t hesitate to call us at Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery at (469) 675-3659 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Clark.