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    Why Should I Get a BBL Instead of Butt Implants?

    Achieving the perfect hourglass figure has been all the rage these days. With celebrities, such as the Kardashians, and countless social media pages dedicated to butt enhancements, it’s pretty common to see people try a wide variety of techniques to attain a shapelier derrière. Are your booty lift diet and workout routines not providing the desired results? Read on to find out why you should consider getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) instead.


    What Is BBL and How Does It Work?


    A Brazilian butt lift is a modern cosmetic procedure that involves a fat transfer technique to create a rounder, fuller backside without implants. Your plastic surgeon in McKinney, TX can help you enhance your buttocks by removing excess fats from your abdomen, hips, or thighs through liposuction, and then strategically injecting a portion of these fats into your buttocks.


    Removing fats from your body through liposuction keeps it from coming back, thus making the results of BBL long lasting. Although your body will absorb some of those purified fat solutions injected into your buttocks, most of it will stay in place to plump and define your backside for 10 years or longer.


    Reasons Why BBL Is Better

    The BBL tends to be the preferred booty gain procedure by most plastic surgeons because of many reasons:

    • More Natural. The most significant advantage this technique can offer is that the results of BBL are more natural compared to butt implants. Since the fat injected into your buttocks comes from your body, the outcome feels and looks more natural. With butt implants, it is not uncommon to see the outline of the implant through your skin.

    • Much Safer. Another advantage of BBL is that it helps augment buttock size without the use of implants. In the hands of a highly skilled board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Steven Clark, the procedure has a low risk of complications.

    • Practical. Another advantage is that BBL lets you combine a butt lift and a body contouring in a single procedure. Since your plastic surgeon removes the excess fats from your body, you can get rid of that unwanted fat from your abdomen, hips, thighs, etc.

    Recovering From BBL


    Healing time after a BBL procedure generally takes about a month or two. During your first two weeks of recovery, you will have to sleep on your side or stomach, avoiding lying or sitting directly on your backside. In some cases, you may need to use a pillow or donut seat when sitting for a month.


    Nevertheless, most patients who have undergone BBL can readily resume light activities within the first week following the procedure. You can go back to work sometime after seven to 10 days. Avoid doing more advanced exercises, though, until you have fully recovered. A few more visits to your board certified plastic surgeon in McKinney, TX will be necessary to assess your recovery, and personal recommendations will be provided to reduce any discomfort and help ensure your safety.


    Are you looking to achieve those flattering curves? Visit Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery in McKinney, Texas, to find out if you are a viable candidate for this procedure. Call us now at (469) 675-3659 to schedule your consultation.