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    Why Summer is the Best Time for Botox Treatments

    While we’d like to look our best all year round, many of us make extra special effort when it comes to getting summer-ready. The warmer weather brings with it the opportunity to spend more time outdoors with friends and loved ones, attending social events and of course, going on vacation. The steps that patients take to get ready for summer really vary depending on which parts of their body warrant the most attention to get them looking their best. For many people, injectable cosmetic treatments are just one of the steps that they take to beautify themselves for the summer season.


    There’s no doubt that Botox is one of our most popular injectable treatments. Extremely safe, effective and affordable, Botox is a minimally-invasive way of turning back the clock on the aging process and restoring our confidence in our newly-rejuvenated appearance. Here’s why summer really is the best time for Botox treatments.


    There’s no downtime after Botox

    One of the best things about Botox is that there’s absolutely no downtime afterwards. You can carry on with your usual schedule immediately after your appointment with no swelling or other visible imperfections to worry about. This makes Botox a great choice for getting right before that all-importance vacation or summer event.


    You don’t have to hide from the sun either

    Some anti-aging cosmetic treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion require patients to stay out of the sun for as long as several weeks following treatment. Obviously, this is far from ideal in the summer when many activities and events are being held outdoors. While you’ll be advised to wear sunscreen like normal and stay out of excessive sun for at least 24 hours after treatment, you won’t have to hide away like some other treatments require.


    Botox can prevent summer squint-wrinkles

    Summer is often when the sun is at its strongest and brightest, and even if we wear sunglasses, this can often lead to us squinting more than usual. Squinting causes the area around the eyes to crinkle up, and this can lead to the formation of wrinkles – particularly if your skin is a little on the dry side. Botox can eliminate the formation of these wrinkles by preventing the muscles from contracting when we squint or smile.


    We generally wear less make up in the summer

    Gorgeous, glowing tans make it easier than ever to enjoy flawless skin, so it makes sense that the summer is actually the season when we rely on makeup the least. In fact, many people are keen to ditch the cosmetics as much as possible and enjoy a fresh, natural appearance. Botox will smooth the skin so much that you won’t be able to help but want to show it off with minimal makeup, letting your natural beauty shine through.


    Botox treatments typically last 4-6 months

    Botox is only a temporary solution and the effects of the neurotoxin typically wear off around 4 to 6 months after it is administered. This makes it ideal to ensure that you have confidence in your appearance all summer long.



    For more information about Botox, or to schedule an appointment for this popular age-reversing treatment, please call our team at Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery at 469-675-3659.