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    Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

    No matter how much time you spend at the gym and how many calories you count, you still have excess fat and skin in your stomach region. You aren’t ready to give up on the perfect body yet, so you’re considering a tummy tuck. Tummy tuck surgery provides lots of benefits for patients. Let’s go over some of the top benefits people enjoy after the procedure.


    Flatter Abdomen and Narrower Waistline

    Loose skin and isolated fat deposits make the abdomen and waistline bulge, and sometimes those bulges are visible through clothing. Your cosmetic surgeon will remove the loose skin, tighten the remaining skin and abdominal muscles, and eliminate fat pockets. This will give you a flatter abdomen and narrower waistline, so you’ll have a boost of confidence wherever you go.


    Increased Comfort

    If you have lots of loose skin, you might avoid physical activities. The loose skin can rub and chafe, causing rashes and sores. It’s also embarrassing if others notice your loose skin when you’re wearing a bathing suit or getting changed at the gym. Your cosmetic surgeon will remove the loose skin during your tummy tuck procedure, so you can engage in activities without worrying about discomfort or embarrassment. 


    Wear Flattering Clothing 

    Many people lose weight, only to realize they can’t wear the clothing they want. The excess skin prevents them from going down in size, so they are stuck wearing larger clothing to accommodate their stomachs. After undergoing a tummy tuck, men and women can wear clothing that fits their entire body, not just their stomachs. It’s much easier to wear flattering clothing after receiving a tummy tuck. 


    Better Posture

    Multiple pregnancies and significant weight loss weaken and loosen the stomach muscles. Weak abdominal muscles can lead to lordosis, which causes the spine to curve inward. This is commonly referred to as swayback, and as the condition progresses, it can become uncomfortable and embarrassing. 

    If you have this condition, you can treat it with a tummy tuck. After your cosmetic surgeon tightens your abdominal muscles, you should notice an immediate improvement in your posture if you suffer from swayback.


    Remove Stretchmarks

    If you’ve been pregnant or lost lots of weight, you likely have stretch marks. You’ve probably tried creams to reduce their appearance, only to be frustrated with the results. A tummy tuck can permanently remove stretch marks. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon removes the loose skin from the bikini line to the belly button, so you can finally say goodbye to those unsightly stretch marks. 


    Improve Bladder Control

    Multiple pregnancies and aging can cause urinary incontinence. Countless women leak when laughing, sneezing, and coughing, and this incredibly embarrassing. When you get a tummy tuck, your cosmetic surgeon will tighten the soft tissue that supports the urethra, bladder, and pelvic floor. If you suffer from bladder control issues, this could fix the problem.

    These are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy after undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. To learn about additional benefits and what to expect during and after the surgery, schedule a consultation with Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery in McKinney, Texas. Call 469-675-3659 to schedule your consultation.