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    Benefits of Injectables

    Many people agree that one of the most frustrating things about getting older is the way that our appearance changes to reflect our advancing age. Some of the most obvious changes take place on our face.


    Our delicate facial skin is subjected to a great deal of abuse over the years, from exposure to sunlight and pollution to the many cosmetics we might wear. In addition to this, our bodies’ natural production of collagen and elastin – two components that make our skin soft and supple – begins to slow down. Our skin begins to dry out, and fine lines and wrinkles can form. Some of the most common area for lines to develop include the forehead, around the eyes and lips, from the nose to the lips and from the lips to chin. Our skin may also sag, creating heavy eyebrows, bags beneath our eyes and jowls around our chin.


    Looking as old as we feel, or in unfortunate cases, even older, can be devastating for our confidence and self-esteem. While cosmetics can cover some signs of ageing, others are impossible to hide. Fortunately, there is another option that doesn’t involve going under the knife – injectables.

    What are injectables?

    Injectables is the name given to a range of different cosmetic treatments that are injected under the skin with the purpose of improving the signs of ageing and helping patients to look radiant and more youthful.


    There are various types of injectable available, but they almost always fall into one of two categories: neurotoxins or fillers.


    Neurotoxins work by paralyzing facial muscles so that they can no longer contract and create lines and wrinkles while fillers work by plumping out the sagging areas which tightens the skin and makes the individual look younger. Neurotoxins tend to be used in the upper half of the face while fillers are used in the lower half.


    While both types of injectable are very successful, the results that they offer are only temporary and therefore patients need to commit to regular ‘top-ups’ to sustain their new and improved appearance.

    Benefits of choosing injectables

    In addition to creating a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance for the patient, there are a variety of other benefits to choosing injectables.


    Minimally invasive

    Injectables are a simple and minimally-invasive treatment that involves injecting your chosen solution under your skin. Many patients can undergo injectables without any form of anesthetic, although a numbing cream can be used if you would like to.


    Short procedure time

    Since injectables require little preparation and recovery, the entire process can usually be performed in under an hour. This makes scheduling appointments far easier for patients.


    Minimal scarring

    Scarring is an unavoidable part of most surgeries including facelifts. However, by opting for injectables you can benefit from no scarring whatsoever as the only incisions into your skin are the size of a pin prick.


    No downtime

    Unlike many other facial treatments, including deep chemical peels and facelifts, require substantial downtime while your face heals. However, with injectables you can leave your surgeon’s office after your procedure and get back to your usual routine straight away.


    Instant results

    In almost all cases, the results from injectables are visible almost immediately. In some instances, there may be a little bruising or swelling, but these abate within the first 24 hours, meaning that you can start enjoying your younger appearance straight away.


    Cost effective

    Although the results are only temporary, most patients find that the costs associated with injectables are significantly more affordable and spacing treatments enables them enough time to cover the costs of their treatments without needing to take out any finance.


    If you would like to learn more about injectables or the benefits that they can offer, our discreet and professional team would be pleased to assist you. Please telephone our offices with your question, or arrange a consultation.