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    Breast Augmentation Aftercare

    Breast Augmentation Aftercare



    Women choose to augment their breasts for a variety of reasons. Are you planning to undergo the same procedure? If so, you need to do your homework. Regardless of your reason for augmenting your breasts, you need to understand that your results will require some recovery time. 


    Generally, initial recovery usually takes one or two weeks. Long-term recovery, on the other hand, requires approximately three months.



    What Is Breast Augmentation?



    Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure meant to increase the size of breasts. In most cases, cosmetic surgeons use implants to enhance breast size. They may also use fat from other parts of the body to achieve the same goal. However, this augmentation method is less common. 



    Recovery Time



    In the first few days following surgery, you will likely feel tired and bored while on bedrest. Furthermore, you will not be able to perform your usual activities. Fortunately, patients can still make the most of their recovery while getting the rest they need to heal. 



    Post-op Care



    Good breast augmentation aftercare can make a huge difference between a quick recovery and one hampered by unexpected complications. Hence, it is important to follow your surgeon’s aftercare recommendations carefully. Doing so will improve your chances of achieving the results you desire and avoid preventable complications.



    Aftercare Tips for the First Few Days of Post-op Recovery



    During the first few days of recovery, most patients experience soreness and fatigue. They often spend a lot of time relaxing and sleeping. For the first two days after surgery, avoid taking a shower. Afterward, you may do so. However, you should use lukewarm water and face away from the shower. 


    At this time, you may remove your compression bra and gauze. However, you need to wear the bra immediately after showering. Consider asking a family member or friend around to help with daily chores and activities that require the use of your upper body. The first five days of recovery are a perfect time to binge on favorite movies, shows, or podcasts.



    One to Two Weeks After Surgery



    After the first few days, you will likely be feeling stronger and better. However, you still need to take it easy. Do not resume your regular activities until at least 10 days following surgery. You should not pull, push, or lift anything heavier than five pounds until two weeks post-op. 

    You should also avoid strenuous activities that can raise pulse and blood pressure, as well as those that require the use of your chest or arms. Your wounds should heal completely by about two weeks following your procedure.



    Three to Four Weeks After Surgery



    At this point, you should be able to go back to work or school. However, you still need to be careful with physical exertion and upper body exercises. With time, you can gradually build up your activity level. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you a more specific recovery time frame during your post-op appointments.


    Avoid wearing bras with an underwire until your doctor says it is okay to do so. Wearing such bras too soon after breast augmentation surgery can affect your long-term results. Healing will continue until three months after surgery. As you adjust to your new breasts, the only thing you need to do is flaunt your body with confidence.   


    To learn more about breast augmentation, visit Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery at our office in McKinney, Texas. You can call 469-675-3659 today to schedule an appointment.