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    Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

    Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is what is known as a "Compression Neuropathy." It occurs when the Ulnar nerve is abnormally compressed by normal structures around the elbow. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and even burning pain. Symptoms are usually associated with the long finger and small finger. If left untreated muscles in the hand may waste and permanent numbness may develop.

    Unfortunately, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome does not spontaneously resolve. Symptoms can temporarily improve by hold the arm straight at the elbow and steroid injection, however, both treatment modalities only provide temporary relief. Surgical release of the carpal tunnel is the only true therapy that provides permanent relief of symptoms.

    Surgical release occurs when the Ulnar nerve is released from all of the areas of compression. The nerve may also be moved to the front aspect of the elbow and forearm to relieve tension off the nerve which is known as nerve "transposition." Surgical release can either be performed endoscopically or with an open approach. Both techniques are safe and effective.
    After surgery patients typically feel varying degrees of instant relief. A compression garment is placed at the elbow. The elbow is compressed for two to three weeks. Patients may return to non-strenuous activity in 4 - 7 days and all activities in 6 weeks.