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    How Soon After Liposuction Will I See Results?

    Liposuction is a great way to get rid of unwelcome fat. This is especially true of fat that is resistant to exercise and diet. If you are considering liposuction surgery, you may wonder whether you will see an outcome right away.

    The final results from liposuction are not instantly visible per se. Your body needs time to recover from the procedure, as well as proper care. While it is understandable for you to be concerned about how long it will take before you see the results, seeing the results you desire will require patience.


    Post-Surgical Recovery and Outcomes

    Typically, the body recovers from liposuction surgery within a week. This first week is the first stage of recovery. During this time, swelling may occur. When swelling happens, you will have trouble seeing any results at all. To reduce inflammation, your doctor will advise you to wear a compression belt.

    During the second week, you will need to do light workouts to reduce the chances of complications. You can resume your routine workouts one month after the operation.

    Even after the early stages of recovery, it may be months before you notice a clear change. That is because results differ from person to person. In addition, results depend upon the part of the body that received the surgery. Some patients begin to see visible outcomes three months after surgery, whereas others can take six months to one year before they see the difference. If you find the results unpleasing, you can opt to go through revision surgery. Although, in most cases, this usually must wait until a year after your initial procedure.


    How Can You Improve Your Liposuction Results?

    First and foremost, follow your surgeon’s recovery and aftercare instructions. Wearing the compression gear your surgeon recommends holds the surgical site in place and improves your physique. In addition to keeping your body in shape, compression garments also ease pain or discomfort. How long you need to wear compression outfits relies on a combination of how comfy you feel in it and your surgeon’s advice. You may need to keep on your garment for a few weeks or wear it for around six weeks after the procedure.

    Along with that, take frequent walks to help you heal faster and mitigate the risk for post-operative problems such as blood clots. Avoid intense physical activity for at least one month after the surgery and avoid complete inactivity. Taking walks will help you achieve that balance and get you back into full workout mode as soon as you can.


    Maintaining Your Results

    Liposuction is not a lasting weight loss solution just because the procedure removes fat. The remaining fat can expand if you add weight later, reversing your surgical outcome. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious foods, staying hydrated, and regular exercise can help you sustain your results.

    To learn more about liposuction, visit Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery at our office in McKinney, Texas. You can also call (469) 675-3659 to book an appointment today.