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    How to Prepare for Your Brazilian Butt Lift

    If you are considering undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, you should learn as much about the procedure as possible. You want to know how a cosmetic surgeon can help you get the bottom of your dreams, but what about how to prepare for your procedure? For that, keep reading to find out.


    What Is the Procedure About?


    During a Brazilian butt lift, a surgeon uses specialized fat transfer tools and techniques to achieve a fuller and more rounded buttock contour. The surgeon will not use implants to try and achieve the desired outcome as is the case with other procedures. They will eliminate the extra fat from the thighs, hips, lower back, or abdomen using liposuction. 


    These they will then inject into the buttocks to improve the proportions of the lower body. In addition to enhancing the lower body, a Brazilian butt lift can help someone lose excess fat in problem areas. The results can last for many years.


    How to Prepare


    Your cosmetic surgeon will tell you how to prepare for a Brazilian butt lift. The surgeon will also want to evaluate your lifestyle habits and health status to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. 


    In addition to undergoing some pre-op tests and labs, you will need to make healthy choices before surgery. Doing so will help improve the results and your rate of recovery. Some of the most important things you should do include:


    Adopt a Healthier Diet


    Your overall health will affect the results of your Brazilian butt lift. You should be at or near your ideal weight before undergoing the procedure. It will help you maintain the results for a long time. If you gain or lose weight after your procedure, you will likely gain or lose weight in your buttocks as well. Both changes could harm the results.


    Exercise Your Bottom Before Undergoing the Procedure


    You should always focus on your bottom during your regular workouts to maximize the results of your Brazilian butt lift. Perform lunges, squats, and other exercises to help strengthen the muscles in your butt. That will work in your favor when it comes to achieving a toned, sleek butt.


    Quit Smoking


    Cosmetic surgeons recommend that their patients quit smoking before undergoing any surgical procedure. That is important even if you are unable to quit for good. Try to give up cigarette smoking for at least three weeks before the surgery. That is because smoking can harm your procedure. It can also cause complications during recovery.


    Focus on Your To-do List


    Before you undergo the procedure, finish your to-do list since this will make a huge difference during your recovery. Have your cleaning and shopping done. If you have children, make plans for childcare before your procedure. Following surgery, you will need to rest as much as possible for several weeks.


    Other ways to prepare for your Brazilian butt lift include:


    • Fill your prescriptions

    • Purchase the proper clothing

    • Stop taking any medications that could affect your surgery

    • Prepare financially


    For more on Brazilian butt lifts or to schedule a consultation, call Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery at 469-675-3659 to reach us in McKinney, Texas.