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    Is It Possible to Correct a Botched Breast Augmentation?

    Nowadays, many women look for effective and safe ways to improve the shape and size of their breasts. Some want to do it for aesthetic purposes. On the other hand, others want to correct changes resulting from the natural consequences of pregnancy, aging, weight loss, and more. Depending on your specific needs, you will find a breast augmentation procedure that will address your specific needs.


    What Is Breast Augmentation?

    Also called augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure meant to change breast shape and/or size. Some breast augmentation procedures involve placing various types of breast implants under the chest muscles or breast tissue. Others involve state-of-the-art tools and techniques designed to accomplish the same purpose.


    Why Should You Augment Your Breasts?

    Do you want to change the size and shape of your breasts to feel more confident? Are you considering breast augmentation to rebuild your breasts for various reasons? Whatever the case, you first need to find a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon. He/she will help you understand the possible benefits, risks, and complications involved in this type of surgery.


    What to Expect

    You can go to a surgical center or a hospital outpatient facility to get a breast augmentation. In most cases, the procedure does not require patients to stay in the hospital. Most people go home the same day. Your cosmetic surgeon will review various factors to determine whether it is safe to discharge you from the hospital or surgical center.



    Like any other type of surgical procedure, breast augmentation poses several risks. Some of these include:

    • Implant rupture or leakage.
    • Scar tissue that distorts the capsular contracture, meaning the shape of the implant.
    • Changes in the position of the implant.
    • Breast pain.
    • Changes in breast and nipple sensation.
    • Infection.


    When Things Go Wrong

    Did you undergo a botched breast augmentation? Are you unhappy with the results? According to some studies, approximately 98 percent of breast augmentation procedures are successful. Thus, odds are that you are going to be pleased. However, problems can occur. Some of them are unavailable.


    What to Do After a Botched Procedure

    If you are unhappy with the results or having problems with your implants, you need to call your cosmetic surgeon as soon as possible. The first thing he or she will do is perform a thorough examination of your breasts to determine the problem’s cause. Once he or she determines the root cause, your doctor will recommend the best course of action for fixing the issues.


    Is It Possible to Fix the Problem?

    When most people hear stories about botched breast augmentation procedures, they assume that the patient went to an uncaring or unskilled plastic surgeon. Of course, this can be true. However, you need to understand that any surgical procedure can go wrong, even in the hands of the best surgeon.

    Fortunately, it is possible to fix the consequences of a botched procedure. An experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeon will tailor a revision surgical procedure to fit your specific needs.

    Not all breast augmentation surgical procedures are the same, so you should not expect the procedure to be the same either. The most important thing you need to understand is that it is possible to correct a botched breast augmentation.

    To learn more about breast augmentation surgery, visit Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery at our office in McKinney, Texas. You can call 469-675-3659 today to schedule an appointment.