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    You don’t necessarily have to have a part of your body on show for you to feel embarrassed about how it looks. This is certainly true when it comes to the most intimate parts of your body. Although it is something that isn’t often talked about, many women feel under pressure to have a ‘neat and tidy’ vulva area – and we aren’t just talking pubic hair. An increasing number of females are now concerned about the appearance of their labia minora.

    Fortunately, there really is a form of cosmetic surgery for everything, and it is possible to address the appearance of your labia minora using a cosmetic surgery procedure known as a labiaplasty.

    Reasons to request a labiaplasty

    The labia minora are the inner lips of soft tissue that are located on either side of the vaginal opening. While some women find that these flaps of skin remain fairly symmetrical and tight, tucked inside labia majora which are the large, outer folds of the vulva, others may find that these thin and sensitive strips of tissue actually protrude beyond the opening of the vulva, dangling down and coming into direct contact with their underwear. If your labia minora are misshapen or asymmetrical, you may also feel embarrassed about their appearance.

    There is also a functional reason that some women request labiaplasty surgery. This is usually due to friction, sensitivity, and discomfort experienced by their labia coming into regular contact with their underwear, particularly during certain activities that require movement.

    The labiaplasty procedure

    Labiaplasty is nearly always carried out under local anesthetic with the option of sedation. A general anesthetic may be possible, but this comes with its own risks and recovery period – something which choosing local anesthesia eliminates. The procedure can usually be completed in less than two hours and you should be able to go home at some point later that day.

    Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the labial folds will be trimmed so that any excess that extends beyond the opening of the vulva is cut away. Dr. Clark will then assess the labia to ensure that both sides are symmetrical, before closing any open wounds with dissolvable sutures. You may have a maxi pad placed into your underwear to absorb any fluid and provide some additional cushioning as the area will feel sore and swollen for a number of days.

    After labiaplasty

    It is completely normal to feel uncomfortable after labiaplasty, and while over the counter pain relief should be sufficient to alleviate your discomfort, if you need stronger medication, this may be possible. Your sutures are dissolvable so you will not need to have them removed, but a further to assess your healing is usual.

    It is essential that you keep your labia clean by having a bath or shower every day but be sure to use non-perfumed shower gels and soaps so that the area doesn’t become irritated. Keep your underwear fairly loose and wear a pantyliner for added comfort and cleanliness. You will be advised to abstain from vaginal intercourse for up to a month while your labia heal. You may also need to avoid any physical exertion for several weeks. It is crucial that you follow the post-labiaplasty instructions given to you by Dr. Clark to ensure that you make a swift and successful recovery from your procedure.

    If you are considering labiaplasty and you would like further information or reassurance, or if you would like to schedule a discreet consultation with Dr. Clark, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our offices today.