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    Recovering From a Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasties are perhaps the most commonly done cosmetic procedures on the face. This is according to studies conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Recent statistics show that cosmetic surgeons in the U.S. perform more than 220,000 rhinoplasties each year. So if you are considering undergoing this cosmetic procedure, you are not alone.


    What Is Rhinoplasty?

    This is a surgical procedure meant to alter the shape of the patient’s nose. The motivation for undergoing this type of procedure may be to improve breathing, change the appearance or shape of the nose, or both.

    The lower portion of your nose structure is cartilage, while the upper one is bone. Rhinoplasty can change the skin, cartilage, bone, or all three. Before you undergo this cosmetic procedure, you need to understand whether it is appropriate for you. You should also learn about the recovery process and what to expect.


    Benefits of Rhinoplasty

    Both men and women opt for this cosmetic surgical procedure for various reasons. Some people do it for purely cosmetic purposes. There is a wide range of aesthetic benefits that rhinoplasty can help achieve.

    For example, it can improve facial proportions and balance and correct asymmetry. It can also address malformed nasal tips, nostril shape and width, depressions or humps in the bridge, and bridge width.

    That said, nose surgery can also provide several other benefits. For example, it can help fix breathing problems. Sometimes, changing the shape of the nose can correct sinus issues and problems such as a deviated septum. A board-certified cosmetic surgeon with be able to give you proper guidance if you suffer from such problems.


    What to Expect During Recovery

    The first thing you need to understand before you undergo rhinoplasty is that it can take up to 12 months for your new and improved nose to emerge. However, most patients begin to see a gradual change in their appearance a few weeks after surgery. This happens as the swelling continues to subside and the tissues heal.

    The soft tissue of the nose usually holds swelling longer than most other parts of the body. Hence, you may see gradual changes after about one month, but it may take up to a year for your final nose contour to appear.


    Do You Need to Wear Protective Dressing After Surgery?

    For most patients, the cosmetic surgeon will need to splint or pack the surgical site inside. Also, the surgeon will likely cover the nose with bandages on the outside to support the new nose shape and provide some protection. Patients typically need to keep this dressing in place for at least one week. The cosmetic surgeon will then remove the dressing and any remaining stitches.


    Post-surgery Pain and Swelling

    You will experience the most pain and swelling in the first week following surgery. You may also observe tenderness and bruising under your eyes and on your cheeks for up to two weeks. However, these symptoms usually heal.

    Your cosmetic surgeon will give you detailed and specific post-surgery instructions that you need to follow faithfully. These instructions will include post-operation care, issues to look out for, and medication schedules. To get the best possible outcome, you need to follow these instructions to the letter.

    For more on rhinoplasty, visit Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery at our office in McKinney, Texas. You can call 469-675-3659 today to schedule an appointment.