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    What are All the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

    If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, you can rest assured you are far from alone. Our breast size may be predominantly determined by our genes, but many of us are less than impressed with the chest we have been naturally blessed with. Many women feel that their breasts are an important part of their shape and crucial in helping them to feel feminine and attractive. Yet if you feel your breasts are not as large as you would like, you could find that your confidence in your appearance is lacking, potentially impacting on your ability to pursue your personal and professional goals.


    Thankfully, there is no need to live with the effects of being unhappy with the size of your breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is a common and fairly straightforward cosmetic surgery procedure that offers patients the opportunity to increase both their chest size and self-esteem. It involves placing prosthetic implants into cavities made in the chest, boosting the cup size of the patient and creating larger, perkier and more symmetrical breasts.

    Benefits of choosing breast augmentation surgery

    You may think that the main benefit of breast augmentation surgery is purely the chance to enjoy larger, fuller breasts. While you wouldn’t be wrong, it is the effect that this change has on other aspects of your life that end up being the most significant benefits associated with the procedure.


    The physical benefits of breast augmentation

    In addition to breasts that are larger, you will also find that your new breasts sit much higher on your chest, making them seem fuller and perkier. You may also discover that your breast augmentation procedure has had an age-reversing effect, since higher, perky breasts are typically associated with younger women and in particular, those who have not yet had children.


    Very few women have breasts that are identical and size and shape. However, there are a small number of ladies who have a significant difference between them, and this can cause them to feel embarrassed or self-conscious. Breast augmentation surgery can help to even out the breasts so that they are a similar size and more symmetrical.


    The emotional and lifestyle benefits of breast augmentation surgery

    When you look great, you are more likely to feel great and this is certainly the case for women who undergo breast augmentation surgery. Once you feel happier with the appearance of your breasts you will almost certainly:

    -         Feel more confident

    -         Feel more attractive

    -         Feel sexier

    -         Have higher self-esteem

    -         Find enjoyment in shopping and trying on clothes

    -         Have more confidence when it comes to being intimate with your partner

    -         Feel happier and more content with your life

    -         Have the confidence to happily embrace new opportunities, both in your personal life and in your career



    If the size of your breasts is getting you down and you are interested in finding out more about breast augmentation surgery, our friendly and discreet reception team would be delighted to schedule your consultation with our highly skilled and experienced surgeon, Dr. Steven Clark. Please contact our offices at your convenience with any questions you have or to make your appointment.