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    Who Is a Good Candidate for Blepharoplasty?

    If you wish to get rid of dark circles under your eyes or lift droopy eyelids, you are a candidate for blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery. The outcome of the surgery is a younger and brighter look. Your eyes also become a little more open because the surgery gets rid of any puffiness and wrinkling.


    The surgery is done on either the upper or the lower eyelids. Upper eyelid surgery is suited for persons whose vision is compromised by a sagging brow. Lower eyelid surgery is meant for persons whose eyelids are puffy or saggy. In both procedures, the surgeon takes out the excess fat and tissue, then stitches your eyelid back in place. The outcome is a youthful, refreshed appearance.


    Who Makes a Good Candidate?


    The right candidate for the blepharoplasty is a non-smoker who does not have a history of medical conditions. It would also help if he or she did not have any severe eye conditions that might worsen after the surgery. Persons with retinal detachment and glaucoma cannot have this procedure.


    There is no age limit when it comes to eyelid surgery. As long as the individual is in good health, age is not a significant factor. But, most people are often 35 years or older. If you inherited droopy or baggy eyelids, you might take up the surgery sooner. Some people have naturally sagging eyelids that sometimes interfere with their vision and may need help with that.


    Your Expectations Should Be Realistic


    Being realistic about the outcome of the procedure is essential. Blepharoplasty may give you an enhanced look, rejuvenated eyes, improved vision, and increased confidence. But, you might not get the “perfect look” or change your facial structure. Other additional procedures may help with that.


    Also, some people have a naturally asymmetric look, or their facial features are not perfectly aligned. The blepharoplasty may not change that either.


    So, before you embark on getting eyelid surgery, speak with the plastic surgeon about your expectations. Let him or her know your aesthetic or functionality goals, and the surgeon will tell you what the surgery could achieve.


    Preparing for the Blepharoplasty


    All surgical procedures need prior preparation. For example, you’ll get better results if your health is good. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, let the surgeon know during the consultation. Persons with dry eye, diabetes, and glaucoma may not be suitable candidates for eyelid surgery. Persons with drooping and uneven eyebrows may also not make good candidates.


    Avoid drinking and smoking as they can interfere with the surgery outcome. Also, avoid stress and maintain a positive mindset with the proper expectations. With the right attitude, you’re likely to have better results.


    Are the Results Permanent?


    The results of eyelid surgery last a long time. Your upper eyelid may stay in place for 5-7 years. The lower eyelid may not require any follow-up. But, expect to see some wrinkling and sagging with time because the procedure does not take out the effects of aging. There are other cosmetic procedures you could take up to address other issues that may come up.


    Find out if you are a good candidate for blepharoplasty, contact Clark Plastic & Hand Surgery in McKinney, Texas at 469-675-3659.